Charity Auction, 11th May 2018, held at Casa Lili, Moraira

May 2018

A wide range of quality items and electrical goods were generously donated by members and friends, with big ticket values on cut glass and onyx tableware, electrical home entertaining equipment such as a barbecue, outdoor refrigeration and cooling units, computer accessories and kitchen worktop white goods.

Other items included paintings, china and assorted crockery, carpets and a child’s pedal racing car. In addition, some members had offered ‘promises’, which consisted of two offers to cook a meal for up to ten people in the home of the recipient, and an offer of a private quality wine tasting session, for up to 8 people.

The auction made €1,375.00. Auctioneer Martin Bentley and fellow organiser Colin Donadio thanked all for the donations and the helpers who provided transport and support on the day, and any surplus donations were offered to local Charity Shops to help with their causes.