Plano Catastral

Your Cadastral Map

Here our advisor sets out the steps to follow to obtain the Plano Catastral (Cadastral Map) which shows details of property. with plot layout and house situation for houses, and in the case of apartments, the acreage of the land and all built-up areas.

Tap or click on this link: It will open in a new window.

A MAP of SPAIN appears. (If a small window appears with an orange bar and text in black, it is just giving information, so press Aceptar.)

A page appears which says Buscador de Inmuebles (property search).

Fill in the REFERENCIA CATASTRAL with the details contained in your (full) rates receipt and click on DATOS.

A window will open showing written details in the middle.

On the left hand side there are three sections in grey. Click on Consulta Descriptiva & Grafica and the screen will then provide you with more details:

On the right hand side you will see the plan/shape of the land in green and your house on the right hand side.

On the left, in the top section CHECK your address is correct, and in the middle section, you can check details of the built area (Superficie construido) and the plot size (Superficie gráfica de parcela)—both in square metres.

Print this out or keep a copy on file.