Lunch Menu

Simply choose your menu by filling in the form once you have selected your seat.
This menu gives you the available choices so you are prepared. 
Current price is just 15€.

To Start

House Salad
Light Dressed Salad of Lettuce Tomato and Cucumber
Hot and Spicy Soup
Lili’s own spicy soup, can be quite hot in temperature and flavour
Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup
Clear Soup with Chicken, Egg and Sweetcorn, not spiced

Second Starter

Spring Roll
Spring Roll served with a separate Chilli sauce
Mongolian Meat Skewer
Pork Meat on a skewer

Main Course

Chicken with Lemon Sauce
Well presented typical Chinese dish
Thai Beef
Thai Beef with vegetables
Korean Pork
Spicy pork dish
Duck In Orange Sauce
Popular duck dish nicely presented
Entrecote Steak
Small grilled steak served on Slate with Onion, Red Pepper and Courgette.
BBQ Ribs
Beautifully presented rib rack with sauce
Fish in Batter
Fish cut into pieces and fried in batter, very nice
Mixed Vegetables
Vegetable dish well presented
Chicken with Cashew Nuts
Favourite dish for many, pieces of chicken with nuts

Main Course Addition

White rice with added vegetables
Small noodles for your main dish
Nice chips for your Fish, BBQ Ribs or Steak or any other dish


Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream, just the one scoop so not too much
Three profiteroles covered in dark chocolate
House Crem de la Casa


Café Con Leche
Coffee with Milk, traditional and well served
Coffee Americano
Black Coffee
Other Choice
Write on the menu order your choice of beverage

To Drink

Choose a Half Bottle of Red, White or Rosé Wine to enjoy with your meal. It’s all included.