Rotary Fellowship supports the Alzheimer’s Association

May & July 2019

Following an excellent presentation at our meeting of the 24th May by Sylvia Tatnell, the Rotary Fellowship agreed to send a further 250€ to the Alzheimer’s Association of Teulada to allow the purchase of items to be of use in, or around their new sensory facility.

Teulada Alzheimer Update (22/07/2019)
After further discussions with Sylvia Tatnell from Teulada Alzheimer it was decided that a Patio Set would of more use to them rather than a Bench. Or they would like to have a couple of MP3 Players for the members to reduce the stress sometimes when they get anxious. So after looking into the cost it has been agreed that the Club will donate :- A Patio Set and 2 MP3 Players at a cost of 289€.